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Homebound Support

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DASH (Disabled Association Support of the Homebound) provides help to many people that are homebound.

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Thoughts & Opinions


1 - Reforming Health Care in America

The Federal Independence at Home Act is the best hope for repairing our broken health care system. Click on "Reforming Health Care in America" and learn more by reading and watching these slide shows, articles and videos.

2 - FDR, Roosevelt Island and the Disabled

Roosevelt Island's relationship to its namesake, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has much to do with FDR's affliction with polio, his personal battle with the disease, and the Island's history as a pioneer in moving people disabled by polio out of hospitals and into the community. Click on "FDR, Roosevelt Island and the Disabled" to read articles and watch videos about that story and about the monument to FDR rising on the Island's southern tip.

3 - Peace in the Middle East

Jews and Arabs can live together peacefully -- even in the Middle East. Click on "Peace in the Middle East" and learn about the Arava Institute.