About Us – The Roosevelt Doctor
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About Us

Jack Resnick, M.D.

Jack Resnick, M.D.


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Our Staff

Catherine Morgan, Office Manager

Catherine Morgan

Office Manager

Cathy has lived on Roosevelt Island since 1986. Cathy has been working in healthcare for more than 23 years. She previously worked for Dr. Katherine Grimm, Roosevelt Island’s pediatrician, before becoming Dr. Resnick’s office manager in 2005. Cathy’s smiling face is one of the first you’ll see when you enter the office. She hopes to make everyone feel welcome. She makes it her mission to treat each patient as if one of her own family members and tries to be helpful with all matters. Cathy and her husband, Woody, Roosevelt Landings Superintendent, raised their two boys here on Roosevelt Island. Now having two grandchildren, her leisure time is mostly spent being Grandma. If she is not with her grandchildren, you’ll probably find her on the beach.

Carol Traviglia

Carol Traviglia

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Selma Yassin

Selma Yassin

Patient Care Technician

Selma is originally from Sudan. She has been working with Empire State Medical Associate since 2014; her duties include taking vitals, performing EKG and phlebotomy, checking the patients’ medications and assisting the physician and with the office work as needed.

Previously she worked as a volunteer with the United Nations Women’s Guild in Austria from 2008 to 2011. She also worked as HHA with Partners in Care. She received her first BS in chemistry & zoology from University of Khartoum in Sudan and her certifications in EKG, phlebotomy and nurse assistance from New York Institute of Medicals careers, NY. Currently, she is studying medical technology in York College, NY.

Her mission is to help others, treat each patient with respect and dignity and make them comfortable. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and cooking.