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3 – FDR, Roosevelt Island, and the Disabled Archives – The Roosevelt Doctor
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3 – FDR, Roosevelt Island, and the Disabled

FDR Hope Memorial

The FDR HOPE MEMORIAL COMMITTEE is working to design and build a memorial to President Roosevelt that focuses on him as a disabled person who lived in the mainstream. Its mission statement reads: [blockquote show_quote_icon="yes" text="President Franklin D Roosevelt is the inspiration for all who strive...

Statue of FDR
An Appropriate FDR Memorial on Roosevelt Island

It’s been over 15 years since I’ve written an opinion piece for The WIRE. I decided to speak up after attending a presentation Tuesday at the Good Shepherd Community Center. Over 50 people showed up to see and hear the latest on the FDR Memorial...

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt 3
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt 4
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt 5
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt 6
FDR in Pictures

FDR’s disability is hinted at or fully on display in the above photos. ...