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Thoughts & Opinions – The Roosevelt Doctor
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Thoughts & Opinions

Hospitals Are Dangerous Places

This letter to the NY Times highlights one of the many reasons that hospitals are dangerous places. To the Editor: Re “Napping During Hospital Shifts”...

Arava Institute Alumni on CNN

An Israeli and an Arab graduate of the Arava Institute describe how their year of study changed their lives and their perception. ...

The Arava Institute

The Arava Institute puts Arabs and Jews together for a year of postgraduate study in the desert as they work on shared ecological...

Why House Calls Save Money

This article by Dr. Resnick appeared in The New Old Age, a New York Times healthcare blog, in January of 2009. Click here...

House Calls Making a Come Back

NBC’s Nightly News reports on the growing popularity of doctor house calls and the financial savings they provide. Click here to watch the...

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FDR in Pictures

FDR’s disability is hinted at or fully on display in the above photos. ...